How to Install Bathroom Mirrors

There are different procedures for installing frameless and framed bathroom mirrors. Most of the mirrors installed in new homes are frameless mirrors which are glued to the wall and sit on the back of the counter. Mirror companies can even create a customized mirror using bathroom mirror frames which you select.


Test the placement of the mirror by holding it up to the wall and marking the best position with a pencil. Use a stud finder to locate the wooden studs beyond the wall. Mounting a framed mirror to wooden studs is preferred over mounting it to drywall with anchors. If the mirror did not come with hardware, ensure that any purchased hardware is rated for the weight of the mirror. Finally, have a helper on hand to aid in leveling and mounting the bathroom mirror.

Mounting Framed Mirrors

Framed bathroom mirrors have brackets on the back which are designed to attach to wall hooks. With a helper holding the mirror, mark the location of these brackets onto the wall. Mirror hooks for light mirrors come with nails, while heavier mirrors are mounted with screws driven directly into a wood stud. To make mounting easier, a bit of picture frame wire can be tied between the brackets on the back of the frame and mounted to the wall with a single screw. Mounting hooks for mirrors can be left exposed since many of them are decorative.

Mounting Frameless Mirrors

Frameless bathroom mirror installation is a bit different. With no brackets on the back, clips are typically used to support them. Larger mirrors such as the ones which sit on the bathroom vanity use a combination of clips and adhesive. Mirror adhesive is applied to the back of the mirror and is moved into place. Press the mirror against the wall gently and evenly to avoid cracking. Large bathroom vanity mirrors should be supported on the top and bottom by clips. Even though the adhesive is strong enough to support the mirror, the clips add extra strength.

Typical Hardware

Mirror Clips – Also known as mirror clips, this hardware works in conjunction with adhesive to support rimless bathroom mirrors along the edges. They can be quite decorative, made with bronze, antique and stainless steel finishes.

Mirror Hooks – Mirror hooks come in different sizes which are rated for different sized mirrors. They hold rimmed mirrors to the wall and are mounted with either screws or nails. Always select a hook rated for the weight of the selected mirror.

Mirror Adhesive – A special type of glue which is applied in globs, mirror adhesive is an essential tool for installing rimless mirrors. It can be used with or without clips. A common brand is known as “Mirror Mastic”.


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