Black Crystal Chandelier Products by James Moder

Trying to top the already imposing elegance of today’s chandeliers is no easy task, but James Moder managed to pull it off with flying colors. Moder has a full collection of exotic black crystal chandeliers which are a sight to behold. While not for everyone, black chandeliers can be an interesting addition to dark colored rooms. Unlike regular crystals, black ones reflect no light from the bulbs, providing stark contrast between light and dark.

Fontaine Collection Black Chandelier:
From James Moder’s “Fontaine” collection comes this beautiful chandelier piece which has a strong play on the color black. This three tiered black crystal chandelier features small black crystals which are mounted to metal wires which have a cascading effect. The sheer number of crystals and wires provide an air of intricacy while maintaining a simplistic design. The base is polished in a silver finish which reflects surrounding light. At the bottom is a collection of small crystals with a ball shaped one in the center. This particular black chandelier hangs close to the wall with a polished cover at the ceiling. It can support up to eight candelabra-style bulbs at 40 watts each and measures 22 inches wide and 23 inches high.

Vienna Collection Black Chandelier:
Some might consider this design to be gaudy, but it could look elegant if placed in the right environment. From the Vienna collection, every crystal on this chandelier is hand cut to reflective perfection. A silver finished frame holds up countless crystals and bases for candle-style light mounts. Each of the eight light bulbs is mounted in a black colored stick-candle base which makes it look as if the chandelier is holding real candles. The candles are supported by a clear glass frame which reflects light. This delicate looking display hangs elegantly at any entryway in the home.

Charleston Collection Chandelier:
Even more intricate than the afore-described black chandeliers, the Charleston chandelier incorporates black beaded strings in addition to the hanging crystals. The Imperial cut crystals hang in a webbed network which may look messy to some. Eight candelabra bulbs sit within black bases around the center of the light. It hangs just a few inches below the ceiling from a finished cover and chain. All bulbs are housed inside of a glass decorative structure just like the Vienna chandelier. Far from the norm, the Charleston’s blatantly exotic look is reserved for only the most eccentric individuals.

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