Uses for Black Light Bulbs

It’s not everyday you get to see “black” and “light” as words put together without seeing much sense when used in a literal context.  But, believe it or not, it actually exists.  Black light bulbs help things appear to be glow in the dark, especially those which are essentially white in the first place.  Use one of these in your room while in the dark, stand in front of a mirror, smile and you’ll eventually see nothing but a set of pearly whites standing out in a seemingly pale purplish hue.  Silliness aside, these products make use of a special element commonly known as phosphor.  When the black light is activated, it emits ultraviolet energy which is also called either UV or UVA energy.  This light ranges from an initial point of 310 nanometers up to 300 in the electromagnetic spectrum, while the human eye can only detect 400-700 nanometer wavelengths which cause its fluorescence, thus allowing the lights being emitted by these bulbs attractive to the eyes.

A black light bulb serves many uses for industrial and home purposes, they include:

  • When used in the industrial setting, it can be used to help people inspect any cracks or leaks which may be found during regular quality control and manufacturing checks to avoid any further damage.
  • When utilized in a commercial setting, anyone can find them to be very useful when used in cafes or discotheques, as they provide somewhat trippy and psychedelic lighting, therefore enhancing what many night club regulars and patrons would call a total sensory overload.  Such a bulb can also be utilized for either indoor or outdoor advertising and window displays to attract the attention of passersby.  You can also find them being utilized for TV, movie and theatrical lighting when it comes to enhancing the scenery being filmed or portrayed.
  • Apart from that, computer aficionados looking to enhance their custom-built PCs can use these as decorative items.  Along with some water cooling tubes that also have their own lighting, you can then show off your gamer rig when you’re out engaging in a bit of LAN gaming during cybergames tournaments or even just among your friends.  These are usually called cold cathode lights, though they basically serve the same purpose as a hand held black light.
  • Your local authorities may also use these bulbs in photocopy inspections, detecting the presence of counterfeit money, evidence investigation and others.

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