Blown Glass Chandelier

If you’re looking for a unique way to give some life into your staircase, or simply just the ceiling, you should consider buying a blown glass chandelier.  These are truly exceptional pieces of art mainly for the fact that each of them is hand crafted and hand blown with such precision, ensuring those who are looking for interior enhancements for their homes are provided the class and elegance they are seeking.  Picking the right kind of chandelier says a lot about one’s aesthetic sensibilities and will surely be a great conversation piece among you and your friends as they stop and look to admire a cornucopia of glass and lights, reflecting your personal taste.  These chandeliers will surely set you in awe as both exquisite sculptures and lighting fixtures, with the latter trait providing such a lovely atmosphere and creating a subtle glow around any room these are decorated in.

If you’re looking for a specific type of blown glass lighting, you’ll be glad to know that several manufacturers have gone out of their way to put out several variations, with some more expensive than others.  Regardless of the price, these remain very popular with collectors and mainstream customers.

  • Hand Blown Glass Pendant with One Light- These will definitely be a highlight in any room you wish to have them installed, although you’d have to be aware they serve the purpose of focusing the light on particular areas of the house.  They are available in a wide range of shapes, designs and shades.
  • Hand Blown Glass Pendant Chandelier with Multi Lights – Considered to be somewhat of a spectrum in design, it has multi pendant lights which feature frames with nickel finishes and a matching ceiling canopy, making it a truly awe-inducing sight on the ceiling.  They can definitely enhance your dining area with sufficient lighting which may exude a romantic or cozy vibe, depending on the shade you choose.  Most blown glass chandeliers of this sort are available in truly rich and deep colors, along with a heavier customized aesthetic.
  • Hand Blown Glass Wall Sconce – You can also find this specific kind of chandelier in many colors and shapes, although they are usually finished in chrome, thus giving the chandelier a rather refined look.  It provides refraction (basically the bending of a wave path of light that can reflect off any immovable object, causing the light to bounce in different routes).

-See the black crystal chandelier.

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