Candle Chandelier by Furniture Creations

Venture back into the royal times of kings and queens with a candle chandelier. Extremely elegant and classy, such chandeliers hold actual flame-burning candles in various holders on the frame. While not as convenient as flipping a switch, candle chandeliers offer a degree of natural illumination which an electric chandelier could never achieve. Let’s take a look at some of the chandeliers offered by Furniture Creations.

Wrought Iron Royalties Chandelier:
One look at the Royalties chandelier by Furniture Creations and you will notice something special about the frame. The metal frame is coated in a beautiful weathered green patina which makes it look as if the chandelier has come from a time gone by. The frame has no straight lines, only delicate curves which curl at the ends. A total of six candles can be placed into the chandelier at any given time. Simple place any stick-style candles into the mounts and light them up. Users can adjust the height that the chandelier hangs from by adding or removing chain links. For a candle chandelier, it is very well priced at just under $30. It is about 15 inches wide and 18 inches high, excluding the chain.

Cherry Blossom Iron Candle Chandelier:
Designed for use with stick or taper candles, the Cherry Blossom candle chandelier looks as if it was crafted by Mother Nature herself. The four candle holders are perched precariously atop delicately curved metal arms. The frame has a deep brown tone which looks as if it is made of wood. Within the center of the frame is a bundle of artificial cherry blossoms which exhibit the beauty of spring. This particular chandelier hangs from a thin-link chain and is made of iron. It is about 13 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

Shabby Elegance Chandelier:
This candle chandelier has six spots for candles mounted on the rim of a bowl-shaped pattern of leaves. The metal/wire frame is coated in an ivory colored finish which is only slightly aged. Three delicate looking chains connect to a central chain from which the chandelier is hung. Users can add any colored candles of choice to the holders to create a romantic atmosphere. The ivory color is universal and fits well against most decor. It measures approximately 17 inches wide and 10 inches tall.

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