Types of Colored Light Bulbs

Seen at parties, bars, kids rooms and holiday events, colored light bulbs provide a fun way to splash color into your environment. They work in every light fixture including lamps, ceiling fans and spotlights. Multiple types of bulbs are available including stained glass, CE, LED and incandescent. Each offer varying power efficiency and color choice.

Stained Glass Colored Bulbs:
Incandescent bulbs are available with a colorful exterior coating fashioned in the patterns of stained glass. Made in multi or single colors, stained glass light bulbs create multi-dimensional color which can’t be found anywhere else. Whether used for a party or in a bedroom, stained glass bulbs fit into any standard light socket. While on, the colored patterns are cast onto the surrounding walls and lamp shades for a cool effect. These bulbs typically operate at low wattage levels, such as 25 watts. Companies like GE hand-paint their colored light bulbs, making every one unique.

Compact Fluorescent Colored Bulb:
More efficient than an incandescent bulb, compact fluorescents also come in colors other than white. Featured in solid colors like green, red and blue, CE bulbs add a splash of color without wasting energy. They screw into any socket and last approximately 8000 hours. A 13 watt bulb can produce a light intensity which is equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent colored bulb. Don’t start a party without one.


Color Changing LED Bulb:
LED technology outlasts all other forms of bulbs and is extremely efficient. One interesting type of bulb uses multi-colored LED bulbs which are controlled by a wireless remote. This color changing light bulb can change between single and multiple colors by simply pressing a button. With over 50,000 hours of life, LED bulbs can keep the party going practically indefinitely. Such lights can come equipped with fun settings like strobe, smooth, fade and flash which change the behavior of the light. Light produced by LED’s is very pure and rich.

Standard Colored Bulbs:
By far, the cheapest type of colored bulb is the regular incandescent. While not as efficient as LED or CE bulbs, it can be the most practical. They are available in every imaginable color, including “black”. These color light bulbs last around 3000 hours and are usually seen in the 25 watt range. Users can select from transparent and fogged colors.

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