Fixtures Used in Commercial Lighting

Incandescent lamps are used for residential and commercial lighting purposes. This technology is considered by others as already obsolete, but it’s a fact that it is still widely used. The problem with these bulbs however, is that they are short-lived. What causes the bulb to give off light is the current that passes through a filament causing it to glow. Most of these bulbs are used as decorative lighting fixtures because they give off warm colors effectively without ballast.

Aside from incandescent lamps, High Intensity Discharge (HID) Commercial Lighting Fixtures are also used. This type of technology uses a variety of elements and where light is produced by by a gaseous arc discharge. Mercury vapor, metal halide, and high pressure sodium are the elements that are contained in an arc tube. Light is generated by a current that passes through the electrodes on either end of the tube. HID offers the highest efficiency in lumens per watt output. Most of the lights today fall under the HID category, and the list of commercially used lights are as follows:

  • High Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures: In order to meet the demands of consumers, on the 1970’s they created a powerful, yet super efficient source of HID lighting. 140 lumens per watt is the output of an HPS lamp. The luminance that it produces is 7 times than incandescent lamps and twice as much as mercury vapor lamps.
  • Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures: When you need quality lighting that is not only efficient but cost effective then Led will be able to deliver the results that you need. It offers higher lumens per watt and this has paved the way for a number of architectural and site lighting applications. This is considered as the most sophisticated lighting ever developed.
  • Mercury Vapor (MV) Lighting Fixtures: The first HID commercial light fixture that was developed is the MV lighting fixture. This light is compact, high output, and energy efficient source of light back then. It has evolved through the years into a phosphor coated interior bulb walls.


  • Metal Halide (MH) light fixture: Many considered this a good choice for decorative street lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, commercial parking lot lighting, architectural lighting, car lot lighting, and many more. A preferred source of HID lighting in most commercial environment for they produce a very white light. Its short lamp life is a major drawback for it only last to an average of 7,500 hours.

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