Crystal Lamps by Waterford Crystal

Those who are prepared to spend extra to acquire a real crystal lamp are in for a sweet treat. Companies like Waterford use real glass crystal to create the shades and bases of their lamps. The crystal is cut by hand to create glamorous notched patterns which reflect light across the room.

Beaumont Crystal Lamp:
The Beaumont from Waterford crystal has a lampshade which is entirely made from clear crystal. The pattern on the crystal shade is created by hand, with each notch being cut with exquisite detail. The elaborate cuts have been smoothed out for safety. The shade sits on a bronze finished metal base which stands 23 inches tall. With the lamp shade installed, the crystal lamp is almost 19 inches wide. The overall design of the Beaumont is intended to make it look like an antique. The base and topper have simulated wear which is often seen on old lamps. The domes shade reflects light from the bulb in all directions and in wonderful patterns. It can be removed for light bulb changes by unscrewing the topper and lifting it up. Each of the two 60 watt bulbs can be turned on or off using its own chain-pull.

Stratton Crystal Lamp:
The Stratton employs the use of crystal in a different area of the lamp. These Waterford crystal lamps have bases which are a combination of metal and crystal. Housed in the clean looking brass frame is a piece of crystal which runs several inches up and is adorned with diamond shaped cuts. The inner shaft of the lamp is covered in a separate tube of crystal as to hide the mechanical aspects of the lamp. The total height of this fan is 21 inches high with a width of about 15 inches. The light Milano silver frame compliments the white fabric shade. Users can change out the shade with another color or shape if desired. This crystal lamp has two brightness settings and is turned on by a switch underneath the shade.

Hospitality Crystal Table Lamp:
Perfect for placement in a sitting area, the Hospitality lamp is based on West Indies design. The wide, stable pineapple shaped base combines the deep look of brass with the lightness of patterned glass. The patterns in the crystal mimic the patterns seen on the outside of a real pineapple. Brass “leaves” further enhance the natural look. Users can control the brightness of the lamp with a three-way switch. The simple white shade promotes light efficiency and even coverage. The lamp is 25 inches high and almost 18 inches wide. It uses a single 100 watt light bulb.

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