Dining Room Lighting Essentials

One of the areas in a house where people spend almost a quarter of their day is the dining room. Dining rooms are usually where your family gathers around on typical days, and it is also the central festivity area during special occasions. For this reason, it’s very important that you have a well-designed dining room. But did you know that it’s not just the right table, walls, and chairs that make up a good dining room design? Dining room lighting is also a very essential factor for your dining area’s overall look.

Yes, the lighting in your dining room area plays a big role in the room’s overall look. So to have the best lighting for your dining area, it’s usually recommended that you first come up with an overall theme for the area before you install dining room light fixtures. Here are a couple of dining room lighting ideas:

Since the beginning, chandeliers have been very popular dining room fixtures. A chandelier is one of the traditional methods of providing light to the dining room. Not only do chandeliers add an elegant feel to the area, they also serve as a focal point of the dining room, and this makes easier to arrange other light fixtures and decorative items in the area. Of course, chandeliers are rather expensive and high-maintenance. In addition to that, they also eat up more energy because of the many bulbs.

A pendant and chandelier are somewhat similar since they both hand from the ceiling. The only difference is, a chandelier has many intricate lights whereas a pendant has only one.

Wall Scones:
Wall scones are popular these days. They are individual lights mounted on walls, and far more inexpensive than any other type.

Track Lighting:
Another modern dining room lighting idea is to use track lighting kits. They provide a good amount of light and the major benefit of using these is that they can be focused at any point that you want to highlight in your dining room.

These four design ideas are just a few of the many other ways you can light your dining room. Technically, you can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to dining area lighting. Just make sure though, that the lighting design you choose will serve its basic purpose — to light your dining area.

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