How to Install Drop Ceiling Lighting

Ever since their creation, drop ceiling lights have been very popular in homes. Why? Simply because these type of lights can be installed in almost every room. Apart from that, drop ceiling lighting fixtures are not only available in many different styles, materials, designs, they also very in a very wide price range.

Dropped ceiling lighting fixtures dangle down from the ceiling on a length of chain or cord, and it gives you the flexibility to change the way a room looks and the nature of the lighting. Be it in the bedrooms, bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen, dining room, basement, or even the patio, a drop ceiling light can be installed. Dropped ceiling fixtures usually look best when installed in the middle of the room. But of course, there are also other cases where it’s better if they’re installed in other areas of the room aside from the middle.

So let’s say that you have already chosen and bought the ceiling light that you’d like to use, and identified the area where to put that. Now, it’s the time to install your lights, and here’s a simple guide how:

Materials Needed:

-Measuring Tape
-Drywall Saw
-Wire Nuts
-Additional Wires
-Step Ladder
-Small Bolt Cutters

STEP 1: Before anything else, make sure you switch off the power in the circuit box of the area.

STEP 2: Drill the holes into the ceiling; layout and prepare the necessary wiring.

STEP 3: The next step is to setup the electrical connections that will come from the transformer or your power source to your lighting fixture. In other words — connect the wires.

STEP 4: Safely install the light’s canopy. Tightly go through the screws, bolts, etc. Make sure it’s tight because you surely won’t want the fixture to fall.

STEP 5: Now that you have your drop light’s base in place, you should now attach the cord. Dropped ceiling lights usually either hang from a cloth cord, an aluminum wrapped, or a cord that’s made up of a different material. Slide up the cord through the canopy and adjust it to your preferred level. You can tuck the excess cord into the canopy’s empty space within the ceiling.

STEP 6: Last but not least, it’s time to put on the bulb (or bulbs for that matter) and check if the installation was a success.

As you can see, the installation of this type of lighting fixture is very easy. Dropped ceiling lights are versatile, the can accentuate and compliment areas in your home. But of course, you obviously need to make sure that the ceiling lights you’ll install will actually go with the current theme or ambiance of the area you’re putting it in.

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