The Best Floor Reading Lamps

If you are one of those people who likes to read a lot, perform certain tasks which interest you a whole lot, then you realize that you can’t do any of those without the proper lighting.  After all, it’s no fun trying to sew a sweater for your nephew for his 7th birthday when all you’ll be ending up with are needle punctures on the tips of your fingers.  Apart from that, you’ll also get the unfortunate experience of possibly developing eye strain, migraine or even become nauseous.  In this case, you’ll need to purchase yourself a few floor reading lamps, as these will guarantee you getting the right amount of lighting, all for a very reasonable price.  Finding the right floor lamp for reading will also assure you that you’ll be using it for a number of years without much malfunctioning, provided you give appropriate attention when it comes to its maintenance. Below are some of the best choices for you to pick from when you’re looking for a reading floor lamp:

Verilux Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp – this is a lamp manufactured by a company that has acquired more than 50 years of experience providing consumers which the best lighting possible and utmost care & dedication has been provided to ensure that consumers get the highest quality product possible.  It makes use of natural spectrum indoor sunlight which is quite easy on your eyes if you’re reading or performing other tasks.  This is considered to be a very pricey option, but you can expect it to last you more than 10,000 hours.


Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp – slightly cheaper than the provided option above, this is specifically made for the reader’s eyes, as it provides high contrast and glare reduction, making it a lot easier for you to read through those bills or notes of yours without distracting your peripheral vision.  It also comes with a utility tray which enables you to place pencils, bookmarks and even your reading glasses on it.



Grandrich Full Spectrum Lamp – This is the most affordable floor reading lamp out of the three, and uses a 27 watt bulb that emits natural light.  Coming in a shiny black finish, it also has an adjustable gooseneck which you can set to a good angle and stands a fair 5 feet.  This would be a good alternative for reading purposes, considering its aesthetic simplicity.

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