Hampton Bay Fans

Hampton Bay is Home Depot’s in-house ceiling fan brand. The brand is highly distinguishable for its unique designs, ease of installation and reliability. Consumers who are looking for a line of well-reviewed ceiling fans should turn to Hampton Bay. With literally hundreds of designs, there is something for everybody. Read below to find out more about their ceiling fan products.

Reversible Blades:
Many fans from the Hampton Bay line have specialized blades which have a unique color on each side. Users can switch between the colors at any time by disconnecting each blade and flipping them over. The benefit to this feature is that you can almost completely change the decor style of the fan without replacing it. Hampton Bay does this with style by offering quick release technology which allows you to flip the colors without needing tools.

Hampton Bay fans come in too many styles to count. Every style from modern to Victorian era is available. The style of a Hampton Bay ceiling fan can be understood by looking at the blades, casing and finish. The casing of a Hampton Bay fan is always made from durable metal coated in a decorative finish. These finishes range from brushed nickel to stainless steel. They even have techniques which make the finish look as if it has been aged for decades, when in fact it just came off the assembly line.

Hampton Bay makes fans in all sizes, ranging from standard 36 inch sizes to massive 68 inch sizes. The size of the fans is determined by the diameter of the blades.

Light Kits:
Many Hampton Bay ceiling fans are equipped with light kits at the bottom which are designed to illuminate a portion of a room. In many cases, these light kits can be removed if they are not needed. Hampton Bay has highly distinguishable light kits due to the amazing and unique types of glass they use. Fogged, seeded, rippled and other types of glass are formed into shapes and used as interesting light bulb covers. As always, Hampton Bay makes sure to perfectly match the glass with the fan style.

Energy Star Qualified:
Some Hampton Bay fans are Energy Star Qualified, meaning that they are very energy efficient. They save money with their efficient design that uses a low-power consuming motor combined with high efficiency blade pitch.

Fan Controls:
Buyers can opt for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan which has a remote control. With a remote control, all fans speeds, directions and light settings can be manipulated from a distance. Users do not have to walk over to the fan or a light switch to change settings. If no remote control is used, a wall switch will need to be present.

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