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Hinkley Lighting, Inc. was founded in 1922 by a gentleman named Phil R. Hinkley. Originating out of Cleveland, Ohio, the Hinkley Company started out with only 14 light fixtures in its catalog. Their first fixtures were made out of solid copper and were mostly intended for outdoor use. As the company progressed, they began using an extensive array of materials including steel, aluminum and special glass. Today, Hinkley has one of the most extensive and beautiful interior and outdoor lighting catalogs around.

Lighting Collections:
Hinkley has dozens of different design schemes which are formulated into lighting collections that include chandeliers, bath lights, foyer lights, sconces, mini pendants, mid pendants, flush lights and semi-flush lights. The beauty of these collections is that consumers can design a room or entire home around them. By sticking with one collection, users can ensure uniformity throughout the home. Here is a partial list of the many collections that Hinkley offers:

  • A La Mode, Alice, Anna, Ashley, Augusta, Avon, Bloom, Bolla, Brantley, Cambridge, Camelot, Cape Cod, Carina, Casa, Cello, Cherry Creek, Clifton Park, Cooper, Daphne, Devon, Dunhill, Easton, Edgewater, Element, Envy, Flynn, Francoise, Gentry, Gold Hill, Hampton, Harbor, Hathaway, Isabella, Josie, Key West, Lanza, Lola, Lucerne, Mayflower, Meridian, Mia, Middlebury, Midtown, Miley, Monticello, Nico, Ocho, Olivia, Orb, Oxford, Parker, Pia, Pinnacle, Plantation, Plymouth, Portofino, Regal, Rockford, San Clamente, San Mateo, Sloan, Stowe, Sussex, Tahoe, Thistletown, Valley, Veranda, Westwinds, Windsor, Wingate

Each collection has a distinct finish. The finish is applied to the entire exterior of the fixture frame, minus the lamp shades. It’s amazing how many different types of bronzes they have. Here are just a few finishes:

  • Anchor Bronze, Antique Bronze Antique Nickel, Black, Black Granite, Blacksmith, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Caramel, Brushed Nickel, Buckeye Bronze, Burnished Brass, Chrome, Copper Bronze, English Bronze, forged Iron, Forum Bronze, Metro Copper, Midnight Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Olde Black, Pearl Bronze, Pewter, Polished Antique Nickel, Polished Brass, Regency Bronze, River Rock, Royal Bronze, Satin Black, Sienna, Sienna Bronze, Summerstone, Textured Black, Titanium, Victorian Bronze, Vintage Black

Hinkley Chandeliers: (See All)
Chandeliers by Hinkley vary widely in aspects such as light covers, bulb types and hanging methods. Light shade designs include fogged glass, square panels, teacups, barrel covers, and fabric shades. Hanging methods range from color-matched chains to single and double ceiling poles. Their styles cover all bases including the stereotypical crystal bling to sleek bare metal.


Hinkley Bathroom Lighting: (See All)
Their bathroom lights are designed for use above the main bathroom mirror. These vanity lights are available in 2 and 3 bulb models. Both upward and downward facing light covers are offered. Designs range from the contemporary “Abbie” to the more eccentric “Winton”.


Hinkley Foyer Lights: (See All)
For those who were not previously aware, a foyer is a prominent entryway, usually just beyond the front door of a home, hotel or office building. As such, Hinkley foyer lights are big and glamorous, showboating elaborate styles fit for a king. While expensive, Hinkley foyer lights are built to impress and make a statement.


Hinkley Sconces: (See All)
The wall sconces are best suited for use in bedrooms and hallways and are mounted to the wall. They may also be used in the bathroom, kitchen or dining room. Most of Hinkley’s wall scone line has a single bulb per fixture.


Mini and Mid-Pendants: (See All)
Hinkley pendant lights hang down front the ceiling on a single pole. Their mini pendants are ideal for low ceilings, such as above a breakfast bar. Their mid pendants have longer poles and can hang above kitchen counters and tables. Each light has a unique design scheme characterized by the base, pole and shade.

Flush / Semi-Flush Lights: (See All)
Designed for mounting directly to the ceiling, flush lights from Hinkley illuminate any room from the top down. Fixtures such as the “Brantley” mount completely flush with the ceiling, while ones like the “Carina” hang down slightly.


Hinkley’s “Lighting Made Simple” Guide:
Hinkley offers all potential customers with a special lighting guide which features amazing pictures and helpful tips on how to select lighting for any home. Check it out here.

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