Hinkley Meridian Interior Lighting Collection

The smooth, clean lines of Hinkley’s Meridian collection create an appealing focal point while not appearing too busy. The Meridian collection is traditional in design, combining both straight and curved lines to create a simple and professional looking set of interior fixtures. Each fixture is equipped with 1/2 inch thick white-fogged glass that elegantly hides the light bulbs within. Two different types of exterior finishes are available, including satin black and brushed nickel. The satin black finish as a very soft loss, while the brushed nickel finish as high reflectivity for a clean appearance in bathrooms and kitchens. The Hinkley Meridian interior lighting collection includes a full scope of fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendant lights.

Hinkley Meridian Chandeliers:
Meridian chandeliers utilize 60 W G9 halogen bulbs and feature faceted etched glass covers. Their smallest chandelier measures 12.25 inches in height and features three light bulb sockets. The next largest chandelier has a single enclosed cover that houses three 100 W bulbs and measures 23 inches in height. Additional models are available which feature four, five, and nine light bulb sockets each.

Hinkley Meridian Wall Sconces:
A total of four wall sconces are offered in the Meridian design. The two smallest of these sconces utilizes a single 60 W halogen bulb. The next sizes up offer two and three bulb sockets, respectively. All of the wall sconces feature oversized cast barrel knobs.

Hinkley Meridian Pendant Light:
The pendant light follows the same minimalistic transitional style and hangs from a 4.25 inch stem. It utilizes a single bulb which is ideal for overhead lighting above tables and kitchen islands.


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