How to Install Small Chandeliers

When you choose to install a small chandelier instead of a large one, you not only save money also increase safety during the installation. Heavy chandeliers can be difficult to manage, especially if they are adorned with countless crystal accents.

Step 1:
Never start an electrical project without turning off the power to the circuit. Cut the power by going to your electrical box and flipping the switch that controls the chandelier room. Flip the switch on and off to ensure that power has been cut.

Step 2:
At the base of the ceiling is a metal sheath that looks like an upside down bowl. Unscrew and remove this cover to reveal the chandelier’s electrical box. You will see several twist connectors holding the wires together. Unscrew these connectors to disconnect the wires. You can use a voltage sensor to check the wires to make sure that they are offline as another precaution. Detach all wiring and hardware to completely remove the small chandelier from the ceiling. It may be heavy, so be sure to have a helper standing by to take it from your hands.

Step 3:
The electrical box will now be exposed. It needs to be removed from its hanger bar by unscrewing several screws. If no screws are present, users must pry off the nails holding it on. Metal boxes can be removed only after the cable is pulled out. Unhinge the cable from its connector by loosening the screws inside. For plastic boxes, remove the cable by sliding it out of the tab. To remove the box from its hanger bar, the bar may need to be cut in half. Throw out all of the pieces you just removed.

Step 4:
Small chandeliers come with a fan brace which is the next piece to be installed. Rotate the hexagonal shaped bar on the fan brace until it has reached the shortest length possible. Slide the brace through the hole in the ceiling, making sure that the feet are set on top of the drywall in the ceiling. Now rotate the brace until the prongs are driven into the joists. Take care not to over tighten the fan brace, as this can cause nails to pop out in the drywall. After you have hand-tightened the brace as much as possible, hive it a few more turns using a wrench.

Step 5:
The new electrical box can now be installed. Locate a knockout plug on the electrical box and pry it out using a flat head screwdriver. You will find the plug on the side of the electrical box. When working with a box that does not have an integral cable connector, a non-metallic connector must be fastened to the knockout hole. Raise the box near the ceiling so that the electrical cable in the ceiling can be fed through the cable connector. Pull six inches of cable into the box and tighten the cable into place at the connector.

Step 6:
To secure the box to the ceiling, place the included U-bolt over the fan brace, then slide the flange over the threaded bolt ends. Thread the bolts onto the threads and tighten securely. Now align the box with the bolt ends and push the electrical box into the ceiling. Fasten it down to the U-bolt and tighten down.

Step 7:
Before connecting the chandelier, remove any crystals or glass shades. Any small crystal chandelier should be gripped only on the metal frame, not against the crystals. Measure the appropriate hanging height and cut a length of chain to suit. Start by threading the nipple into the chain holder on the chandelier, then through the chandelier mounting bar. The wires should be threaded through the nipple. Have a helper lift the chandelier while you thread the mounting bar into the box in the ceiling. Take the copper ground wire and feed it around the grounding screw, then tighten it down. Connect the remaining copper wire to the ground wire on the chandelier.

Using wire strippers, strip 0.5 inches of insulation off the chandelier’s electrical wires. Connect like-colored wires together using twist connectors.

Step 8:
Excess wiring should be gently packed into the electrical box. Take the ceiling cover and slide it up the chain and up to the ceiling. Take the retaining collar and thread it onto the chain’s holder. Add your glass shades, crystals, and light bulbs to complete the project. Turn on the power, hit the switch and watch the grandeur.

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