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The Kichler lighting company started all the way back in 1938 and has been churning out the highest quality light fixtures in the business. The company makes light fixtures for each and every room in the home. Kichler makes it easy to maintain uniformity in the home by offering styles and finishes across their entire line. Most styles even have a matching ceiling fan. To top it all off, Kichler provides excellent customer service and warranties.

Each and every Kichler lighting category has a wide selection of finishes to choose from. The finish of a Kichler light fixture  combines with the architecture of the fixture to uniquely define each piece. The following is an abridged list of the finishes offered by Kichler lighting. (Not an all-inclusive list.)

  • Black (Distressed, Satin, Painted)
  • Brass (Polished, Vintage Natural, Antique)
  • Bronze (Olde, Shadow, Mission, Legacy, Cambridge, Colton, Terrene, Tannery, Marbled, Carre, Parisian
  • Colors (Canyon Slate, Feldspar, Cashmere, Ravenna, Multi-Color, Ole Auburn
  • Copper (Olde Mill, Mission, Weathered, Burnish, Distressed,
  • Gold (Antique Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Wispy Brulee, Golden Brulee)
  • Hand Painted (Old Iron, Antique Marble, Aged Bronze, Mediterranean, Canyon Stone, Tannery Bronze)
  • Metallic (Anvil Iron, Weathered Steel, Sunrise Mist, Burnished Silver)
  • Naturals (Aged Pecan, Antique Wood, Adobe Cream, Wood, Natural, Champagne, Camel, Natural Linen)
  • Other (Antique Leather, Beige, Ivory, Universal Glass, Clear, Frosted, Steel)
  • Silver (Antique Pewter, Polished Nickel, Chrome, Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Nickel)
  • Stone (Burnished Granite, Brown Stone, Prairie Rock, Textured Granite)
  • White (Satin Natural, White, Ivory)

The style of each Kichler light is defined by the architecture of the fixture. While the finish provides the color, the style depicts a certain era or geographical/cultural origin of the lighting. The following lighting styles are offered by Kichler:

  • Contemporary/Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Country/Lodge, Folk/Primitive/Ethnic, Casual, Tiffany, Art Deco, Mission/Arts & Crafts, Spanish/Mediterranean, Utility, Eclectic

Kichler Chandeliers (See All):
Kichler has changed the rules when it comes to chandelier use around the home. No longer are chandeliers exclusively limited to use in the foyer or kitchen. Kichler makes smaller, more manageable chandeliers which are suitable for use in the living room, great room, kitchen and even bedroom. The company calls their miniature chandeliers “Chandelettes®” for their tiny design. Of course, they also make large and grand sized chandeliers to make a bold impression in an entryway. Styles range from sparkle/dazzle to reserved/contemporary.


Kichler Ceiling Lights (See All):
Intended for out-of-the-way overhead illumination, Kichler ceiling lights come in two forms- flush and semi-flush. Their flush lights are recessed into the wall with very little material sticking out of the wall. The semi-flush lights have a greater physical presence since they stick out of the wall quite a bit more. They are intended to be utilized in lower ceilings and are suitable for use in just about every room in the home. Ceiling lights by Kichler typically use 1-3 light bulbs.


Kichler Bathroom Lights (See All):
The company offers a variety of fixtures for use in different areas of the bathroom. They offer vanity lights (used just above the mirror) and wall lights (used in various key areas around the bathroom). Kichler also has an exclusive technology which they call BeautyWraps™ which allows mini pendants to be added over the top of the mirror as well as the sides, all while using only a single electrical hookup. Many Kichler bathroom fixtures have small fabric shades which cover every bulb.


Kichler Ceiling Fans (See All):
Ceiling fans by Kichler are available for indoors and out. Each fan is designed to match a particular style in the Kichler line, and is able to coordinate in both color and style with surrounding fixtures. Most of the fans utilize beautiful woods in a variety of tones and come with a full line of accessories.



Kichler Wall Sconces (See All):
Their various wall sconces are used in areas like hallways, bedrooms, and walkways and are as beautiful as they are classy. A good portion of their sconces have a matching chandelier/pendant light which can be paired up with the sconce. Wall sconces like these typically have 1-2 fairly powerful light bulbs inside, contained within a decorative piece of fogged or colored glass.



Kichler Pendant Lights (See All):
Pendant lights offer an elegant overhead lighting solution, and Kichler has a full line of them. Unlike chandeliers which have multiple arms, pendant lights have a single “arm” which is suspended on a long metal neck. Kichler allows their customers to select from a range of neck lengths, creating a customized solution for any home. Pendants which have glass covers can be oriented with the light directed upward or downward. Common locations for pendant lights include foyers and above kitchen islands. Both regular and miniature versions are available.


Kichler Table Lamps (See All):
The use for Kichler table lamps is fairly self-explanatory. Table lamps are frequently placed atop coffee tables as a way to bring light into a corner of a room. Most have a fabric lamp shade which has been perfectly color and style matched with the fixture itself. Table lamps artfully illuminate surrounding decor such as vases and chess sets.



Kichler Floor Lamps (See All):
An excellent source of reading or activity light, Kichler’s floor lamps stand tall and true. They are perfectly oriented for placement in corners or between chairs. As area lamps, these lights can illuminate a good portion of a room at any given time. Kichler uses a combination of glasses, finishes, fabrics and architecture to create a wide-ranging selection of floor lamps.



Kichler Cabinet Lighting (See All):
Cabinet lights offered by Kichler are intended to light up the areas beneath shelves and cabinetry. Ideal for placement inside of a display case or under a kitchen cabinet, this accent lighting highlight key areas for function and accenting. These cabinet lights operate at safe, cool temperatures and use pure LED light bulbs which are designed to emit natural-looking light (unlike conventional LED technology which can look harsh and unnatural). Fluorescent lights are also available, except that they use ballasts instead of 12 volt transformers.


Kichler Torchieres (See All):
A torchiere is a form of floor lamp which directs its light upward using a glass shade. This greatly reduces the amount of glare to create a soft ambience in the room. The bulbs are not directly visible by the eye, but are instead filtered through the shade. Torchieres are known for producing a lot of light with only one fixture.
Inspiration and Interactive Catalogs:

Kichler offers online interactive catalogs which feature their various collections, tips & tricks, and detailed photographs of staged rooms. Catalogs are available for every year and can be found here. In addition, Kichler has a section on their website which they call “Inspirations”. In this section you can see the latest trends and design ideas, view a guide on selecting lighting and learn about all the different lighting styles. Check out Inspirations here.

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