Kids Ceiling Fans by Hunter

Fantasy Flyer Series:
Hunter is a major manufacturer of ceiling fans and has a kid’s department which features colorful and fun fans for children’s bedrooms. For example, their “Fantasy Flyer” series features fans with an airplane theme. The airplane ceiling fan gives the impression of a propeller with a ceiling decal that depicts the airplane body. These flush mount fans offer a truly unexpected look which kids imply love. Since adults and children both love airplanes, your child will enjoy having this in their room well into their teenage years. The blades on these fans are an impressive 48 inches in diameter, and an optional light kit can be purchased separately.

Dreamland Series:
Contemporary in design, the Dreamland 44” kids ceiling fan is equipped with three cute light bulb holders at the bottom. Each light holder has a pink lampshade over the top. All five blades are covered in a pink/white flower pattern which matches the lamp shades. The blades are reversible and feature an alternative pattern on the other side. The Dreamland fan hangs approximately 3 inches down from the ceiling and has an ultra-quiet “Whisper Wind” motor. All metal components are coated in a gloss white finish. Wireless control can be obtained by purchasing an optional remote.

Bayport Series:
The Bayport 44” kids ceiling fans combine the two things that most boys love most- vehicles and sports. All four blades are double sides, with sports equipment on one side and vehicles on the other. Parents can switch the patterns at any time by flipping them over. If desired, you can mix and match the patterns. The fan can be installed in one of three different orientations and is powered by a quiet motor. The motor can be reversed in the winter time in order to mix cool air with hot air, thus warming the room.

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