Three Variations in Kitchen Island Lighting

Lighting is an important component of the kitchen. Since it is important to provide the most suitable type of lighting for the kitchen, it is important that you know what category of lighting should be used in that area. General, accent, or task illumination, are among the categories that involves lighting. Typical kitchen work like cooking, food preparation, washing dishes, etc., need to be paired with the right lighting. Considering that most of the tasks involve the kitchen island, then kitchen island lighting should obviously be given importance.

Lighting your kitchen island can be done in a variety of ways. Let’s discuss three all-time favorites:

  • Fluorescent: If your kitchen has permanent cabinets, then kitchen lighting fixtures of this type would be the most ideal choice. Fluorescent lighting is very energy efficient and cost efficient. But of course, you should make sure that it is mounted close by to be able to illuminate a wide surface of the working area, so that it could provide an adequate amount of light when you are handling kitchen preparations.
  • Pendant lighting: On the other hand, pendant lighting is the more popular choice of many people. Kitchen island light fixtures like a pendant light, provide shadow-less illumination while producing a glare-free globe. It is suggested that the best place to put the pendant light is hanging over the kitchen island. If you have a mobile kitchen like a cart, then you should place this fixture over the area where you place the mobile kitchen island.
  • Track lighting: Some individuals who work in the kitchen want that the beam of light could be adjusted to a particular work area. Well you will need more that a fluorescent or pendant light fixture for this; and this is where track lighting comes in play. In this type of lighting you will need an electrified track where you will place individual lamps. Then, the lights can be adjusted to point to whichever area you wish to focus.

All these three are great lighting choices for the kitchen island. It is up to you to pick what you think will work for you. It is important that when you decide to purchase any of these types of lighting, not only should you make sure it goes with your theme, you should also ask an expert about the feasibility of getting it for your kitchen. Most stores who sell these products have experienced experts who are ready to help you out.

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