A Guide on How To Maintain Lamp Parts

Much like any other piece of appliance, your lamps require a bit of maintenance in order to ensure they continue functioning properly.  Never mind the fact that they basically consist of a simple cord, a switch to turn them on and off, and a plug which you will need to insert into your wall socket.  Besides, what modern appliance doesn’t have those features anyway?  But, just like the others, there’s always a chance they may end up failing and might no longer function properly.  In that case, you need to remember the following tips below in making sure your lamp parts still serve their purpose as effectively as during the first time you used them:

  • Clean Them. If you want to avoid making your lighting fixtures exert any extra effort to function properly and make sure they’re being used rather efficiently, you need to take the time to clean them at least thrice a year.  You can use some warm and soapy water in cleaning your table lamp parts, provided you already unplugged them (otherwise, you deserve a slap on the forehead and a nice jolt).  Always use damp pieces of cloth when wiping bulbs dry, as well as other electrical components.
  • Use a Timer. This will prove cost-effective, especially when you’re one of those people who can’t fall asleep in pure darkness.  Setting the timer to turn the lights off in the morning and turn them on during dusk can also keep your household a lot safer, considering there have been multiple cases of electrical failures in homes everywhere which have led to more disastrous results.
  • Consider Motion Sensors. There are a lot of motion sensor lamp shade parts which can be installed, allowing you to activate the light every time you pass by or wave your hand against a beam of light.  This is also an energy saver and most lamps installed with these usually last a lot longer since they won’t be utilized all the time.
  • Prevention is always important. Instead of waiting for a bulb or any other lamp part to stop functioning, make sure you check on them at least two times a year.  If your lamp’s plug has burn marks, this implies its bound to overheat at some point.  Check the cord to make sure no cuts which may be caused by certain furry pests nibbling on them are present, and also make sure you check on the switch.

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