The Benefits of Using LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Technology has advanced so greatly these days that you can find a lot of equipment which are tiny yet highly useful and functional.  This rings true for even lighting fixtures, a lot of which can be found with smaller variants that can basically installed in just about any area of your house, even under the cabinet.  Under-cabinet lighting is essentially one of the most recent discoveries in lighting technology, and can be used either as an aesthetic enhancement or even a fully functional item.  You no longer have to look at your own cabinet as an individual piece of furniture which is basically dull and bland on its own, since you can enhance its aesthetics and make it something that will truly stand out and turning it into a focal point of the room.  LED under cabinet lighting is low-maintenance lighting which may come in the form of bar fixtures or even small discs.

You can find a lot of benefits when using these LED lighting fixtures, some of which are as follows:

  • LED lighting fixtures are energy efficient, which means they only use up a fraction of the usual power standard that other bulbs do.  This also means you won’t be spending a lot on your electrical bill every month.
  • When you are using under cabinet LED lighting, you are using something which can actually last up to 10 times longer than the common CFL, and even 100 times longer than when you use incandescent bulbs.  Its lifespan is technically a worthy investment on its own, when you think about it.
  • If you are worried about getting burned when trying to change bulbs that have become faulty, you won’t be experiencing such with under cabinet lighting, since these are pretty cool to the touch.  In fact, they produce 95 percent less heat compared to a normal incandescent bulb, making it a safer choice especially when you have children who love to touch things with lights.
  • LED casings happen to be made out of high density and completely shatter-proof plastic material, unlike incandescent bulbs (which are made out of glass).  They are also pretty resistant to any shock, impact or even the slightest vibrations.
  • Furthermore, LED lighting fixtures are relatively easy to install, although you may need to ask for the assistance of a conductor or electrician if all your materials are compatible with local electric codes.

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