Mini Shades for Mini Chandeliers

Tired of the same old chandelier that’s hanging on your ceiling? Well, if you feel that your badly need to replace your mini chandeliers already with something more modern to jazz up the area, you don’t necessarily need to cash out thousands of dollars for that.

Now, the trend is not to replace the entire chandelier; but it is to just add mini chandelier shades to them. Mini shades create a romantic subdued lighting effect that is flattering for a dining room, a bedroom, or any area in the home.

The Two Types of Mini Shades

A mini chandelier shade can come in two different styles that are 7-in in height. The two styles are as follows:

  • Candle Clip Shades – These mini shades are those with clips that open up as you press the tops of the candle-style bulbs into them.
  • Gimbel Shades – A Gimbel style shade has a ring that fits into the lamp holder.

Installing Mini Shades for Your Chandelier

Anyone can go right ahead and install mini shades on a chandelier; it’s very easy. Here are five simple steps to do that:


Naturally, you should first make sure that the power’s off. Switch of circuit breakers or the power source that runs to the particular chandelier that you will work on.


If you need to do repairs or painting to the chandelier or the area around it, be sure to that before you actually install the shades. You should also double check that you have bulbs that are 40 watts or lesser (you don’t want to burn your shades!).


Next, you need to determine what type of shades you need. Be sure to check what your bulbs are. The type and size of your bulbs can help you get the right style for your chandelier. Many small chandeliers require equally small shades.


Once you know what type of shades you need, it’s time to drive to the store! Chandelier shades come in many different styes, designs, and color. Choose one that’s to your liking. Of course, be sure to choose one that goes with the theme of the area you’re putting them in.


Last but not least, it’s now time to install the mini shades on your chandelier. Be sure to carefully read the instruction inserts that go with the shades you bought. Keep in mind that the power must be off the whole time, and that remember to tightly fasten the bulbs so that they’re firm and secure.

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