The 3 Types of Mini Pendant Lights

Lighting is a necessity in both the office and the home. Energy efficiency should be greatly considered when choosing the best possible type of lighting. The technology available to us right now has given rise to energy efficient lighting in the form of LED technology. Old traditional pendant lighting have evolved in more ways than one with this LED-based lights. For this reason that mini pendant lights are becoming a much sought after type of lighting in both home and office. Its decorative and functional benefit will make it the best choice for a home or office setting.

There are three main types of this type of lighting fixture namely:


If you want more flexibility with being able to match either the motif of your house or your room then this should be your choice. This type of pendant light is attached to a cord or chain in a free hanging suspension. Some people opt for this type for they can choose a specific chain or cord color. In this way you can work with matching the cord or chain to the light and shade color.


From the name itself you can conclude that it is a type that offers excellent support. They hang from the ceiling through a firm stem structure. Like the chain type, you will also have the option to match the color of the stem base. You can choose a color that would compliment with the light and lamp shade if you prefer. Your choice of color could help enhance the total light effect in a particular room.


The variety of things that you can do and the places inside the house that you can put this, makes it the most versatile among the three. Most people who use this type of lighting in places like the kitchen. It resembles track lighting. Others prefer to use it over dinner tables. If you want to highlight objects in a room then you should opt for this type as well. This fixture also great over pool tables.

There are a lot of things that you can do with pendant lights. You can beautify any room with this, and you can even try to set up your own combination; get creative with them! The best part about these mini pendant lighting fixtures is that they are very energy-efficient because they are powered by LED technology.

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