Design of the Modern Chandelier

Modern lighting tends to be sleek and refined, but it can also have a crazy side as well. Modern chandeliers use a combination of polished metal and refined glass to create a look that is hard to ignore. Fine about more about modern chandeliers in the following article.

A Prominence in Metal:
Modern style furniture and lighting are known to have quite a bit of exposed metal which is inherent in modern styling. Modern chandeliers are most often seen with light-colored finishes such as polished steel or brushed metal. Some finishes resemble more exotic metals like titanium. The metal surfaces are designed to form a support structure for the entire modern chandelier. The metal makes up the arms, base, light holders, chain mount and other parts of the chandelier. Modern chandelier designers work hard to find the right balance between structural strength and physical beauty. To make the chandeliers more cost-effective, designers can use cheap metals like plain steel and coat them in finishes. This is done by sanding the surface of the metal completely smooth and coating it the finish. In some cases, real metals are used in the finishes, such as nickel. However, many times a synthetic material which resembles the desired metal in color, texture and reflectivity is used.

Light and Airy Modern Style:
Modern chandelier lighting is very lightweight and “no-frills”. Unlike some styles such as shabby-chic, modern style is very simplistic, but in a good way. Rarely consisting of more than a simple geometric frame and a set of sleek arms, modern chandeliers are easy on the eyes and do not hog the spotlight in a room. The entire frame will generally take on a geometric pattern, such as circles, hexagons, squares, right-angles or even curves.

Eccentric Design:
There are many instances where the modern chandelier strays from a professional look. For example, the “glass tube” chandelier has a bundle of twisty and curvy glass tubes which have tiny light bulbs placed randomly throughout the knotted bundle. Another crazy kind of chandelier has glass balls which dangle down from a mirrored base, their countless reflections shining down toward the ground. Yet another example utilizes strips of reflective metal which hang down at random lengths. The designers who create these chandeliers intend for each person to interpret their design from their individual perspective. Everybody sees a modern crystal chandelier in a slightly different way.

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