CFL Bulbs in Modern Table Lamps

When consumers purchase a product these days most of them consider factors like cost-effective or efficiency. Everyone wants to get the best of every buy. In choosing the best bulb for lighting in our home it is also best that we do not compromise those factors mentioned. It is also best that it is something that is also beneficial for the environment. It is a fact that for most time of the day table lamps would likely be on and this will have an impact on your electric bill. Now you know that with the rise on your bill this will also eat a chunk of the budget and that is a bad thing. To address all these issues, innovations have to led to the modern-day table lamp.

What Makes The Modern Day Table Lamp Different?

Well if you use today’s modern day table lamp, you will realize that the kind of bulb that they use because it is unlike the traditional lamps. The technology that we have right now will allow you to reap the benefits of an energy efficient bulb. Gone are the old traditional incandescent bulbs. Today, most of those incandescent bulbs have been widely replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs or CFL’s. What makes CFL the best choice for a modern table lamp is that it gives off the same amount of light in a room. It beats off the traditional bulbs in all aspect. CFL last longer and it is in a way eco friendly.

The 2 Types of CFL

Electronic and magnetic ballast are among the two types of CFL. From the two types of CFL the better choice is the one with electronic ballast for the reason that it illuminates right away and does not flicker. The small tube of CFL is filled with gas and attached to a ballast. Electricity will enter the ballast upon switching on the line and then the gas in the tube will glow with ultraviolet light in a particular room.

Other people are curious about the compatibility of CFL with designer table lamps. In order to meet the demands of modern day consumers many sizes and shapes came into realization. Spiral, round, and log tube are among the variety of shapes and style that is available for consumers. CFL’s are the best that you can find on the market right now. It is said that it will totally replace the traditional bulbs for it last about 10 times longer. CFL generates 90% less heat and emits more light per watt. So make the best choice with CFL.

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