Nautical Light Fixtures by Vaxcel:

Lovers of the high seas will love the following nautical light fixtures by Vaxcel. Intended to pique the interest of a very specific crowd, these fixtures are ideal in restaurants, patios and even areas inside the home. They serve to bring a bit of boating and nautical travel into the home.

Indoor Nautical Ceiling Light (Vaxcel):
This cute light takes on the shape of a ship helm. The detailed copper bronze finish on the exterior makes it seem as through the helm is crafted from real wood. In the center of the helm is a fogged glass cover which contains two 60 watt bulbs. The fixture mounts flush to the ceiling, and can be installed in place of just about any existing ceiling light. Only incandescent bulbs are recommended to be used with this fixture. The great thing about this nautical light is that it does not leave any doubt as to what it represents. It is very clearly crafted in a nautical theme.

Indoor Nautical Wall Light (Vaxcel):
Instead of being mounted to the ceiling, this light mounts to a wall. The base of the light looks like a ship’s helm while the fixture frame is coated in a deep copper finish which is designed to look aged. The egg-shaped piece of frosted glass contains one 60 watt bulb from within. The glass casts a warm off-white tone throughout the whole room. It fits perfectly with Vaxcel’s other nautical fixtures, as they are featured in the same color and style. As a wall light, it will perform best when placed at an entryway such as by a patio or front door.


Black Outdoor Wall Light (Vaxcel):
This nautical light fixture is a bit different in that it features black finish instead of brown. Designed to be mounted to a wall, this fixture features a thin strip of curved metal which suspends a lantern-like ball of glass. The glass appears to be protected from impact by the wire around it, but this is mostly for decorative effect. It can hold a single 100 watt bulb. The glass is seeded, meaning that there are tiny specks of material in the glass which cause interesting distortion. Vaxcel does not include light bulbs with their nautical light fixtures and must be bought separately.

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