Pharmacy Floor Lamp Products by Cal Lighting

Pharmacy floor lamps were originally developed by pharmacists for a variety of purposes. Their universal shape makes them ideal for reading, conversing and more. Many have adjustable necks which allow the lamp to change height. Today, the pharmacy floor lamp has uses in all rooms of the home, including garages, bedrooms and living rooms. People who like to read, assemble puzzles and play board games find these lamps particularly useful. Here is a sample of the pharmacy lamp line from Cal Lighting.

1. Dark Bronze Floor Lamp (Cal Lighting)
This traditional style pharmacy floor lamp is finished in a dark bronze color and stands almost 59 inches tall. The single 100 watt bulb is turned on and off using the decorative pull chain. The light shield has a white interior coating which is designed to reflect as much light as possible onto any chosen area. This particular pharmacy lamp can be adjusted over 10 inches up and down. To adjust the height, users must loosen the thumb screw on the front and retighten it once the desired height has been achieved. Cal Lighting also makes this model in a lighter rust color. The lamp achieves a firm footing with its circular base that makes it difficult to tip over.

2. Rust Pharmacy Floor Lamp
This rust colored pharmacy floor lamp has a slightly different lamp shade design. Instead of a scoop, it has a spot-light style shade which is better at focusing light more tightly. The iron body is finished in a medium toned rust color which is universally stylish and fits well in all atmospheres. This eco friendly UL-listed model supports a single incandescent or CFL style bulb. It weighs a hefty 15.6 pounds and sits on a circular base. The light shade can be adjusted in any direction for a customized experience. Also, the pole is adjustable.

3. Pleated Shade Pharmacy Floor Lamp
This lamp combines a conventional lamp shade with the multi-function nature of a pharmacy lamp frame. This traditional style bronze colored lamp is designed for area lighting and supports a three-way 150 watt bulb. You can use the provided fabric shade or change it out for one of your own. It is fully adjustable in height and includes a 19 inch diameter lamp shade. It is a perfect chair-side lamp for reading or conversing and is light enough to move around if desired.

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