All About the Reading Lamp

Everyone know what a reading lamp or a reading lamp is for — these lighting fixtures are used to give the proper illumination setting for reading. But how much do you really know about reading lamps? Read through this article and find out!

The Innovations Done on Lamps for Reading

The invention of lamps for reading is credited to Thomas Edison and Joseph Swann about 200 years ago. Of course, these lamps first originated from the light bulb, and they were just later on improved and made into different types, styles, and designs.

These modern times, there are reading lights that are designed to hang from the ceiling, to be mounted on walls, placed on the bed side or a desk, and those that designed to simply be placed on the floor. Basically, lamps for reading can consist of one of the following:

·    Ballast Reading Light
·    Fluorescent Reading Light
·    Halogen Luminaire Reading Light
·    Light Emitting Diodes Lamps (LED Reading Lamp)
·    Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Reading Light Shopping 101

Just like any other electrical appliance, buying a reading light must be done with a lot of thinking. Take note that it’s not just about the design or style of the lamp, or the price tag. You must remember that the very purpose of buying a reading light is to be able to have that perfect setting for reading.

Here are a couple of factors to take into consideration when you shop for a reading light:

·    Brightness and Illumination Factor

When it comes to reading lights, you need to look for lamps that can give you the illumination setting that you need. Keep in mind that very bright light settings or low light settings aren’t healthy for your eyes. So you need to choose the right lamp that can give you the right amount illumination you need for reading.

·    Energy Efficiency

Always think long term and check the energy efficiency level of reading lights before you purchase one. Usually, these lights come in different bulb options; and of course, lower light wattage means lower energy consumption.

·    Functionality

Reading lights are very simple devices. There are many new models that offer different features and functions. This is why it is important to first know where you want to put the reading light before buying one (e.g. if you plan to use your reading light in bed, you can have a bed side lamp, or get one of those to be installed on the wall, and that can be bent or hanged from your headboard).

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