Installing A Remote Light Switch

Some people would pay just about anything to be convenient. Inside your home or office lighting is an essential component in your daily activities. It does not only provide you with light but it also helps in helps you accomplish task and responsibilities within your home and office through adequate lighting. In order to regulate or turn on the light we need switches and these switches allows us to control electrical power in both settings. Technology today offers more convenience in operating a light fixture in two separate locations. A wireless switch, a transmitting device, and a receiving unit which will activate its circuit is what it will need. In normal circumstances this capability will require a considerable amount of costly electrical as well as materials. But the fact is that a remote light switch is very much affordable, it can also be installed in 20 minutes with the right tools if you follow these steps.

1. Locate the main panel and turn off electrical power supply for the lighting circuit and alert everyone that work is being done. You can do this by either tagging or marking the circuit breaker.

2. Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove both the cover plate screw and cover plate of the wall switch.

3. A voltage tester must be in place to test and make sure that no power exists on the line by touching two tester probes to the two switch terminals.

4. Have a screwdriver in place to use in removing the two switch bracket screws by turning it counter clockwise.

5. The electrical box will then need to be pulled out as far as the wiring will allow.

6. With the use of a screwdriver you will have to disconnect two insulated wires from their respective switch terminal screws and expose the copper wire from the green ground post. Remove the wires from the switch by loosening the screws.

7. Wire cutters must be used to cut the loops from the wire. Remove insulation from each of the insulated wires by stripping 3/4 inch.

8. This step will require you to place the receiver of the remote control light switch. The green receiver unit switch wire must then be connected to the bare copper ground wire from the box with a wire nut. Use your hand to tighten the wire nut.

9. The two remaining wires from the receiver must then be connected to the two insulated wires from the box wire nuts and tighten it.

10. We are now finished placing the receiver/s of the remote control light switches. Now it is time to wrap electrical tapes around each of the wire nuts.

11. We have to push the wiring and receiver unit back into the box, use two bracket screws to secure it. Also place back the cover plate and its screws as well. Test the remote and the transmitter switch.

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