Rustic Lighting – Reliving the Wild West and the Frontier Era

Some people would rather go for the simplistic design in households instead of the more modern and techno-inspired look consisting of shiny surfaces, as the former gives them a feel of what life during the Wild West was like.  Their cupboards and shelves may look rather antique, giving off that old school or classic vibe.  If you’re one of those kinds of people, then perhaps you would appreciate adding to the atmosphere of your own house by looking into some rustic lighting.  These are lighting fixtures which are usually adorned with antlers, pinecones or even wildlife such as deer, trout, elk and buffalo.  This makes for a wonderful theme to incorporate into your household, making it seem like a summer getaway cabin that harkens back to the old frontier days.  Appropriately enough, these are the very same lighting fixtures which can be found in farmhouses or even homes up in the mountains, where most huntsmen or woodsmen reside.  There are three variants which you may want to look into to fit your aesthetic sensibilities:


Coming in chandelier variants, these are rustic lighting fixtures which capture exactly what the name implies: a bear scene.  You will be treated to a picturesque image of bears and cubs walking among the pine trees of the great outdoors, thus capturing the very spirit of the hunter’s life.  These bear figures would either be 1 dimensional or 3 dimensional, with the latter making it seem like everything’s popping out, adding to some immersion in the whole ambiance.  These art fixtures come with decorative bear scenes which are made out of metal, and usually include shades which are made out of faux leather.


They often come in the form of replica or genuine chandeliers, with the consumer being able to determine one from the other through the materials used.  Genuine wagon wheel chandeliers are manufactured from real wagon wheels, whereas reproduction variants are made out of more lightweight material like a medium density polyethylene.  However, the latter doesn’t really detract from anything, since their aesthetics are pretty much like the genuine article, coming with all the necessary parts such as hurricane lights, globe, chain and the light fixture.


These can also be purchased in either replica or authentic variants.  If you’re an animal lover, worry not since these are not manufactured by causing harm to any elk or deer; rather, these antlers are gathered during annual antler shedding.  Considering the authenticity of these antlers, you will be spending a lot more compared when purchasing a reproduction variant.  Either way, this or any of the other western lighting options make for great conversation pieces.



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