Six Easy Steps to Hang Swag Lamps

Chandeliers hanging from a ceiling could provide your home with a whole new look. One of the tasks that you must be aware of when you get one is that you will probably need to run a wire up and install a new breaker. The problem is that if you had already bought one without thinking that you need a new breaker. Then, you realize that you cannot just plug it in an electrical outlet or use a standard plug-in cord. Well, do not worry for you can do something about it. So when that happens, you can actually convert that chandelier into a lamp, particularly a swag lamp. It is easy to do for there are no complicated wiring or tools that will be involved. All you have to do is go to your nearest home improvement store and purchase a kit. This kit is used in converting chandeliers into swag lamps. Here are six steps that will help you in this task.

1. The initial step is the preparation of all the necessary materials. This includes a swag lamp kit, wire stripper, chandelier, 2 ceiling hooks, electrical cable wire caps, and cord cover or decorative chain are among the things that you will need.

2. Take the two wires that lead out of the chandelier and strip one inch from each wire with a wire stripper. Take note of the colors of the wires and make sure that you connect the correct wires to the new electrical cord. Then within your swag lamp kit you will find an electrical cord, connect it with the wires of the electrical cord.

3. Make sure that you cover the electrical wires with a cord cover. You will find a chain or covering in your swag lamp kit, thread the cord through it.

4. Screw the hook into a stud or a joist so that it can hold the weight of the chandelier or swag lamp. Install a second hook at the ceiling closest to the wall just above the electrical outlet.

5. Place the hanging swag lamp on the first hook then drape the excess cord, chain, or cover over the second hook.

6. You must then test if it works by plugging it in. If the you did the steps properly you will have no problem with seeing it turn on. You will surely enjoy such a lighting fixture in your home. If once plugged in and it does not turn on or light up, then check the connection.

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