Tiffany Lamps for Sale

Tiffany lamps for sale today can be found from private sellers, auction houses and antique stores across the world. These exquisite lamps are unique in that they have shades which are made from different colored glass. Basically, the entire shade is a unique stained glass arrangement from which the light shines through. The most popular types of Tiffany lamps are the ones that were made from leaded glass and designed by Clara Driscoll. These lamps have origins dating back to 1895.

Types of Tiffany Lamps for Sale:
Tiffany lamps can be grouped into seven distinct varieties: Irregular Upper Border, Lower Border, Geometric, Transition to Flowers, Favrile, Flowered Globe and Flowered Cone. The Border lamps have a strong prominence on branches, shrubs and trees and accomplish this with an openwork crown edge. The term “Favrile” was the first term stamped on these lamps to identify the company. The Geometric category is styled with many different shapes and patterns. The Globe and Flowered Cone lamps, part of the “Transition to Flowers” category, have a natural style which depicts flowers, bugs, feathers and more.

Making a Tiffany Lamp:
Unlike modern manufacturing techniques, every original Tiffany lamp was crafted by hand. To create the pattern for the shade, it is first drawn onto a pallet of cardboard. Then, a worker writes a number on each of the segments to define what color it will be. Glass is laid over the pattern and transferred to the surface. The pieces are carefully cut out and ground smooth along the edges. Craftsman take care to cut them to the exact shape needed. The shade is assembled by dipping the edges of the glass pieced into copper foil and sticking them together. Further strength is added through soldering. Finally the shade is cleaned for beauty.

Antique Tiffany lamps are hard to come by, but if you find one, you would be sitting on a gold mine. Many, many imitations have been made, making it difficult to spot the real thing. In fact, any leaded lamp could be called a “Tiffany” lamp, making it all that more confusing. A real one could sell for thousands or even a million dollars at auction. In general, the floral Tiffany lamps are worth more than the geometric ones. Learn how to determine if your lamp is the real thing:

  • Base:  Most Tiffany lamps are made with a bronze base. Any other material such as zinc or wood is a good sign that you have a fake.
  • Glass: If the color of the glass changes when the lamp is turned on, you may have an authentic piece. Also, look for speckles infused in the glass.
  • Stamping: Look for a Tiffany Studios stamp on the bottom, along with a number. Specifically, look for “Tiffany Studios New York:.
  • Age: The lamp should look aged, not brand new. Look for patina and signs of general wear.
  • Light Sockets: Tiffany lamps frequently had turn paddle style sockets. Some were made with a pull chain. If the original socket is present, the value will increase.
  • Lead: The lamp should have a hollow bronze base with a ring of gray lead along the base to support the weight of the lamp.

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