Track Lighting Kits

Track lighting kits feature multiple bulbs which can be adjusted by running them along a track. Thus, a single fixture can provide lighting to multiple areas in a room. The bulbs on a track light are designed for highlighting objects and small areas, not illuminating an entire room. This makes them ideal for lighting up artwork, shelving, and prized memorabilia. Track lights are usually powered from a single point, such as a junction box where an old light used to be. The following steps show how to install modern track lighting kits in place of an old ceiling fixture.

1) Cut the power to the circuit by shutting off the appropriate fuse. This may require some trial and error. You know that the power has been cut when the light will no longer turn on at the switch. Just to be sure, use a circuit tester to ensure that the power is off. Another option is to turn off power to the entire house.

2) Remove the glass cover from the existing ceiling fixture. Some covers are removed by unscrewing several side-mounted thumb screws, while others have a decorative screw right in the center.

3) Unscrew any existing light bulbs and set them aside for reuse.

4) The existing fixture can be removed from the ceiling by loosening several screws. You may need a long screwdriver for this to fit into the small spaces. Pull the fixture down after all screws have been removed.

5) The wires will now be exposed. Disconnect the wires by unscrewing the wire nuts (brightly colored plastic caps). The wires may be connected with tape. You should be able to view the junction box inside of the ceiling.

6) All track lighting kits come with a mounting plate. The mounting plate needs to be screwed into the junction box. Before doing that, connect like-colored wires together using the wire nuts. With the wires connected, the mounting plate can be screwed into the box.

7) Hold the track light fixture up to the ceiling and mark the position of each mounting hole. Make sure that the end of the track light is positioned next to the mounting plate. Marks can be made with a pencil.

8) After drilling appropriately sized pilot holes, insert toggle bolts into each hole. Do not push the toggle bolt completely into the ceiling just yet.

9) Raise the track light kit up to the ceiling and slide each toggle bolt through the mounting holes. Loosely tighten the fixture and then push the toggle bolts into the ceiling to lock them into place. Tighten the light down so that it is flush with the ceiling.

10) The exposed wires coming from the ceiling need to be connected with the track light. Again, connect like-colored wires together followed by the grounding wire to the plate. Cover the exposed wires with the included decorative cover.

11) Connect each track light to the track. This is typically done in a pushing/twisting motion. Every track has a maximum amount of lights it can handle.

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