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Bathroom Lighting (Visit Section)

Lights for the bathroom range from overhead vanity fixtures to wall sconces. In addition to our guides on bathroom lighting specifically, we also offer installation guides for various bathroom components. For example, feel free to check out our guide on bathroom mirrors which shows you how to install both flat-backed and nail-hung mirror types. We highly recommend bathroom light fixtures by Kichler as well as Hinkley.

Bulbs, Shades and Accessories (Visit Section)

Interior lights are only as good as their components. Things like shades, bulbs and various decorative/functional accessories are covered in this section. Check out out post on colored light bulbs to find out how you can add some amazing color using a simple and cheap colored bulb. Or, follow our quick & easy guide on finding cheap lamp shades that don’t break the bank.
Ceiling/Flush Lights (Visit Section)

Flush lights mount discreetly within the ceiling and are ideal for both high and low-clearance ceilings. In this section we teach you how to install fixtures such as can lights, as well as learn about other ceiling-based fixtures such as mini pendants.


Ceiling Fans (Visit Section)

Out of all the ceiling fan brands Sensible Interior has come across, we find that Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze offer the greatest value. Visit these brand pages to see highlighted information on both. We also talk about the many types of ceiling fans that are available, ranging from tropical to flush mount.


Chandeliers (Visit Section)

One of our favorite light styles to talk about is the chandelier. The truth is, chandeliers are not reserved for use in the dining room or foyer. A good deal of alternative models exist which are so big and visually boisterous. Take mini chandeliers for example. Smaller in stature, these miniature models can fit comfortably in a bedroom or kitchen without bumping into your head. Our chandelier section covers everything from the eccentric black crystal chandelier to the reserved modern chandelier.

Closet Lighting (Visit Section)
The darkness in the deepest corners of any closet can be rectified with the proper lighting solutions. To get a closet back on track quickly and cheaply, we’ve found that battery operated lights tend to be the most useful. They typically come in multi-packs and are quite cheap. Discover the ins and outs of closet lighting in this section.


Floor Lamps (Visit Section)
No open floor plan can do without at least one floor lamp. Handy for lighting up empty space such as in a corner or in between furniture, the floor lamp is a truly indispensable part of the home. Check out the cool pharmacy floor lamp or lamps of the halogen variety to begin your search.


Kitchen Lights (Visit Section)
Ah, the kitchen- a place to cook and dine on delicious homemade goods. Just as important as the various appliances it contains, lighting can improve the functionality of any kitchen. In out kitchen section we show you the best fixtures for use on counter tops, kitchen islands, under cabinets and more.

Portable Lighting (Visit Section)
Portable lighting is an all-encompassing field which includes things like flashlights, lanterns, hurricane lamps, and more. Not just for emergency situations, portable lighting can be decorative as well. Take battery powered tea lights for example, which simulate candle light without the mess of wax and danger of flame.


Additional Sections:

  • Under Cabinet Lights (Visit)

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